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There are several factors that characterize the different terroirs: grape varieties, climate and microclimate, nature and soil drainage, topography and human intervention. We are looking for vineyards that express different terroirs from the various Portuguese regions.



Um terroir mítico

For us the Douro is much more than a region, a river and schist vineyards on its slopes, Geographic Wines intends to show that reality is much richer and more diverse than that, schist, granitic, sandy, clayey soils, where the altitudes ranging from 150 to 750 metres, exposures North, South, East and West, large thermal amplitudes at higher altitudes and smaller at lower levels that radically change the paradigm of maturation, a unique genetic heritage in old vines that unfortunately tends to to end. We know in detail each terroir where we work and we are always looking for something that will surprise us, this thirst to know more and more is our greatest motivation. Getting to know each winemaker and friend in a close way and always with great social responsibility, precisely valuing their noble work, knowing their methods, their concerns and their sacrifices to maintain what allows us to produce differentiated wines of superior quality levels.


Atlantic Terroirs

In these two regions, we look for textured acidity, perfect musts, noble grape varieties and even bases for sparkling wine, those that make us dream. The Atlantic influence and the annual rainfall are in part the key to achieving good results, always combined with the soils we are looking for. These, always mostly clayey, accompanied by schist in the Lima valley (Loureiro) or limestone in the Bairradino soils (Sauvignon blanc and sparkling base), with the exception of the slopes of the Monção and Melgaço region, which are granitic in their genesis. We are adept at early harvests, as they allow for less intervention in the cellar and safer fermentations. We work with conviction to increase the prestige of these two great Atlantic regions.

pure land expression




DOC Vinho Verde Alvarinho, Monção e Melgaço

DOC Vinho Verde
Vale do Lima

Pet Nat

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