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Geographic Wines was born from the complicity and desire of Nuno Morais Vaz and Daniela Matias to create unique wines, based on authenticity, social and environmental sustainability, the preservation and dissemination of the different terroirs and Portuguese wine estate, as well as allowing the consumer travel through Portugal without leaving the place. Each bottle will authentically and loyally show each corner and each place they enthusiastically explore.

Produtores Geographic Wines


Nuno, with roots in the Douro and a huge passion for the oldest demarcated region in the world, and for its history, every year travels kilometers in search of that vineyard that intends to give another breadth and another character to the wines of the region. It wants to remember and honor each vine and each Man who worked it over the centuries, from the beginnings when the first civilizations brought the first vine and started working to produce wine.

Daniela is a scholar and enthusiast of the most avant-garde aspect of oenology. Defending it as an inexact science, he prefers less human intervention but always open to experimentation, with the aim of creating geographical wines – wines of the place.

Both believe that less is more: less intervention in the vineyard and cellar leads to a greater expression of each parcel, for this they vinify each one separately during the harvest.


Our goals are simple. We want to make wines with a clear sense of terroir and character, lively wines without make-up! We intend to show that it is worth honoring and protecting the Portuguese viticultural heritage. We love old vines. We stand for sustainable agriculture. We are fanatical about the potted vines of the Planalto Mirandês. We are fascinated by the Atlantic influence of Vale do Lima (Vinhos Verdes) and Bairrada. We are lovers of the minerality and continentality of Monção and Melgaço. The Douro field blends are the heart of our wines. We believe that the grapes from all the places and corners that fill our soul are, in fact, wonderful. We believe that great things are possible in Portugal, and that now, we are just walking the path of how much can be done well.



We believe that the quality and beauty of wine come mostly from the vineyard. We intend to practice simple and careful vinification: no yeast, no enzymes, no acidification, no manipulations, soft pressings, long macerations, lees work.

These are the fundamental principles we believe in. We cannot, in good conscience, talk about the importance of the place if we later intervene too much in the cellar. We hope to find the voice of the land and the place, not just the winemaker’s brand.

pure land expression




DOC Vinho Branco

DOC Vinho Branco

Pet Nat – Brut Nature





[Landcraft Sauvignon Blanc] Tense and sharp, remarkably saline, it has good greasiness, texture, long finish and gastronomic profile. Distinct, it allows for a myriad of options on the table.

José João Santos

Content Director, Revista Vinhos

Knowledgeable of the various terroirs, Nuno is a kind of Indiana Jones of the vineyard, always looking for differentiating plots and places in the various regions, while Daniela seeks to put into practice the academic knowledge with merit already recognized in a master’s degree at ISA.

José Augusto Moreira

Journalist, Revista Fugas

The preservation of these territories is another of its purposes, promising that “each bottle will show in an authentic and loyal way each corner and each place that they enthusiastically explore”.

José Augusto Moreira

Journalist, Revista Fugas

The result [Landcraft Alvarinho] is very good, and brings together the best of both terroirs.

Nuno de Oliveira Garcia

Wine Critic, Revista Vinhos Grandes Escolhas
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